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Information Technology Solutions for Your Home or Small Business
IT Services
  • New system setup
  • Transfer data from old system to new one
  • Anti-virus installation and setup
  • Operating system instalation and upgrades
  • Data recovery from unbootable hard drive
  • Setup external drive for regular backups
  • Problem diagnosis and repair
  • Hardware component service / replacement
  • Web design
  • Network setup and diagnostics
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) setup
  • And more . . .



  • General operating system use for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, including file management, application downloading and installation, and much more.
  • Get the most from the Internet using search, influencial sites, and connecting with your interests.
  • Using e-mail, chat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Using "office" applications such as word processing and spreadsheets.
  • Printing and scanning.
  • Transferring pictures from a digital camera or phone to computer.
  • Many more topics . . .

On Site
I can come to your home or office in the Long Beach, Orange County, and South Bay areas of Southern California.
$75 first hour, $60 each additional hour.
Many problems can be solved by sharing your screen with me over the Internet from almost anywhere in the world.
$50 per hour, $10 mininum.
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Tech Blog
Backup Your Data ... Today

When was the last time you backed up the data on your internal hard drive? If your answer to this question was today, then you're in good shape. Even if your answer was last week, you're probably fine, but the rest of you are taking a huge risk. Are there any photos, music files, text documents, spreadsheets, movies, or other files that you would loose forever if your drive died today?

One of the most common requests I receive is to attempt to recover data from a corrupt or non-functioning hard drive because the user has no backup. This process can be difficult, expensive, or completely impossible at times. However, making and keeping current backup copies of files is relatively inexpensive and (...continued...)