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IT Services

I can assist you with a variety of tasks related to your information technology needs. The information below contains more details about some of the specific service I offer. If you need something that you don't see in the list below, don't hesitate to ask me about it. I'll help you with it if I can, or I'll help you find someone with the expertise you need.

New System Setup
Have you purchased a new computer or laptop and are still using your old one for most tasks because you haven't been able to get your e-mail working on the new one, or, maybe it's your Internet bookmarks? Whatever is holding you back, let me help you get everything working and applications installed on the new system so you can make full use of your new purchase or gift.
Transfer data from old computer to new one
In addition to helping you get your main applications working, you probably have hundreds of files you want to transfer to your new computer. These might include music, pictures, spreadsheets, and many other files you created over the years. Now the problem is transerring them to your new computer and not loosing any of your music playlists or photo albums, but I have a solution.
Select and Install Anti-Virus
There are so many options for anti-virus applicaitons out there. I'll help you pick the one that is right for you and your budget. There are several high-quality options that are free or very low cost, but don't get stuck with an anti-virus that slows down your system.
Data recovery from an unbootable hard drive
Transferring data from your old computer to your new one may be fairly straight forward for you, but what if you can't boot your old computer and you don't have a backup? All may not be lost. I can attempt to pull the your data from an internal hard drive that has become unbootable. There are no guarantees, and depending on what the problem is, it may be next to impossible. However, I have found that most of the time, a corrupt file in the operating system is the only thing keeping many computers from booting and all the other files are fine.
Operating System Installation and Upgrades
Would you like to upgrade your system to Windows 7, but aren't sure where to start. I can take care of that for you! In addition I can install an operating system on a blank drive or wipe and reinstall your current system. I have experience with Mac OS X, Windows, and many Linux distributions. Let's give your computer a fresh start. You will be amazed at the improvements.
Setup External Drive for Regular Backups
The question is not if but when will your internal hard drive fail. Every hard drive has mechanical parts in it that will eventually fail, but you don't know when, so let me help you get prepared. An external hard drive can be an important part of your backup strategy, but it's important to set it up so the backup runs automatically and at regular intervals.
Problem Diagnosis and Repair
If your computer has a problem, but you aren't sure what is causing it, I can diagnosis and (in many cases) fix it.
Hardware Component Replacement
If it turns out your computer needs a new hard drive or DVD burner, I can help you pick a replacement that will work and install it for you.
Web Design
I put this site together and can do the same for you. We can discuss your ideas and put something together from scratch or just make some updates to your current site.
Network Setup
I can setup a secure wireless network for your home or run some cables.
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Telephony
You have probably seen all the offers from the big cable tv and telephone providers to bundle telephone service with your Internet and TV packages. Many of these are now running on a VOIP system or somethink like that, but there are many independent VOIP providers that offer more features and functionality on non-propritary networks. Let us get you set up with one of these independent VOIP providers and get all your existing telephone wall jacks live again.

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