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I offer a variety of training options to custom fit your needs from one on one in-person training for complex spreadsheet formulas to over-the-internet general computer knowledge. The list below provides more details about some of the training options.
General Computer Use
Whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux, I can help you learn the general principles of computer use, file management and navigation, copy, cut, paste, how static files relate to applications, etc. How to download and install applications from the Internet. This class can also include an ntroduction to e-mail and Internet use.
Maximize the Internet
How to get the most from the Internet. You will learn about the different browsers, how to get the best results from searches, get exposed to influencial sites, and how to connect with your interests. We can also include more advanced e-mail topics like attachments . . . and when not to use them, how to start using Facebook, Twitter, and chat.
How To Use Office Applications
Let's get into some of the details of using word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation applications.
Managing Photos
You will learn how to transfer pictures from your digital camera or phone to your computer. Then we will upload the pictures to one of the sharing services and review some of the products they offer such as prints, books, etc. We can also look at scanning and printing on your own equipment.
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